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About Kasco Marine

Kasco Fountains are an excellent choice for ponds of all sizes. Add beauty and improve water quality with a Kasco fountain today. Don't forget to add a set of composite LED lights or stainless steel lights for long lasting and durable beauty for your fountain! Kasco Diffused Aerators is the best in the industry when you have a water depth of greater than 8 feet deep. Kasco Surface Aerators are the premier solution for all water quality issues when you water depth is less than 8 feet deep.

Kasco Marine Solutions

MidwestPonds.com is a proud partner of Kasco Marine. We know how important it is to keep your lake or pond healthy. That's why we offer a wide range of Kasco Marine products to help you maintain a healthy and vibrant aquatic environment. Kasco Marine's products are designed to effectively reduce algae, improve water clarity, and keep your aquatic environment healthy and balanced.

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