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Fountain of Youth or Fountain of Truth? The Duel of Decorative and Aerating Water Features

by Joe Cadieux on April 19, 2024

IN THE RED CORNER: weighing in with impeccable style and the kind of charm that would make a peacock jealous, we have the Decorative Water Fountain! 

And IN THE BLUE CORNER: with a bubble of health and a splash of function, it’s the Aerating Water Fountain! 

Grab your sun hats and garden gloves, folks—it's time to dive into the splashy world of backyard floating fountains where the stakes are high, and the water is just the right kind of noisy.



Decorative Water Fountains: Because Your Garden 

Deserves a Tiara

Let's start with the belle of the ball, the Decorative Water Fountain. These are the high heels of garden accessories; sure, they might not be the most comfortable choice, but gosh, do they dazzle! Installing one of these is like giving your garden pond a facelift, minus the surgery. Here’s why you might just fall in love:

See Some great Decorative Pond Fountains here



They’re Real Lookers:

Visual appeal? Check. The right decorative fountain can be the centerpiece of your pond’s atmosphere, much like a stunning chandelier in a foyer. Multiple patterns and a plethora of horsepower options bring a truly diverse array of choices to a pond of any size. It’s art that you can show off in your flip-flops.

The addition of LED lighting kits makes the appeal of decorative fountains stretch into the evening. Every floating pond fountain needs lights, fountains show off to their fullest effect after the sun goes down. 

Sound of Serenity:

The sound of a decorative fountain is Mother Nature’s playlist. It’s the background music that makes everything else seem a little sweeter, from your morning coffee on the patio to your twilight procrastination from doing the dishes. A large enough fountain can drown out traffic noise while beautifying your pond.  

It’s like having your own personal spa, minus the stranger in a robe next to you.

Wildlife Mixer:

Though not as effective an aerator as the aerating fountains below, decorative floating fountains do churn a fair amount of water. Any aeration is good aeration. Plus, slightly oversizing your fountain for the pond can achieve the dual-purpose nature of the aerating fountains as much as possible.. An example of this: installing a 1hp decorative fountain in a ½ acre pond, the fountain will look large and in charge, as well as give you beneficial aquatic circulation.  

If you want to have the best of both worlds - I recommend pairing a sub-surface diffused aeration system with your new fountain. Get the benefit of aerated water with the elegance of a wide and tall fountain. 




Aerating Water Fountains: Not Just Hot Air

Now, let’s bubble over to the unsung hero of pond aeration, the Aerating Water Fountain. These aren’t just about good looks—they’re about keeping your aquatic backyard buddies healthy and your pond ecosystem thriving like a Wall Street trading floor. A true workhorse with show pony style - the aerating fountain brings two talents to this bout.

See our favorite Pond Aerators here



Oxygen on Tap:

An aerating fountain is like giving your pond a pair of lungs. More oxygen in the water means healthier fish, fewer algae blooms, and a biological balance that would make even a yoga instructor proud. The displays that the aerating fountains create are not as showy or tall as most decorative units, but they serve your pond in a way the decorative fountains simply cannot. The torrent of water that comes off these units is great for the aforementioned traffic noise cancellation. Don’t forget, they put off a pretty fair display in their own right. 

It’s essential for the wellness spa your pond was destined to be. Don’t forget to add a light kit! These floating pond aerators look fantastic at night too.

Click HERE for our LED light kits



Keeps the Creepy Crawlies at Bay:

Stagnant water attracts mosquitoes faster than a free buffet. An aerating fountain keeps the water moving and grooving, making it less appealing for mosquitoes  (and other undesirable organisms) looking to settle down and start a family. It’s the difference between a stagnant swamp and a flowing river, one breeds mosquitoes, and the other breeds tranquility. Most water quality issues can be mitigated/solved with an adequately sized pond fountain or aeration system.

So, Who Wins the Garden Gala?

Whether you lean towards the aesthetic anthem of the Decorative Water Fountain or the ecological opera of the Aerating Water Fountain, your garden will surely reap the benefits. Perhaps the real trick is not choosing between beauty and utility but finding the right mix that makes your heart—and your pond—sing.

Please reach out to our team at Midwesponds.com if you have questions about which unit(s) would best serve your needs.  The nuance of which fountain is best for your pond comes down to a couple of simple points:

  • Do you want/need to reclaim an old pond or want a more ecological approach to pond maintenance, while still having a nice display?


  • Do you want a showpiece for a pond landscape with limited ecological talents but world-class showmanship?

So, go on, make a splash. Whether it’s for the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ or for the fins and wings, your backyard oasis is just a fountain away from perfection. Cheers to water features, where every drop counts!