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Superior Pond: Eco-Block --  Lake & Pond Muck Block | 2LBS | 5LBS
Superior Pond: Eco-Block --  Lake & Pond Muck Block | 2LBS | 5LBS
Superior Pond Muck Block. 2lbs sludge remover
Superior Pond: Eco-Block --  Lake & Pond Muck Block | 2LBS | 5LBS

Superior Pond: Eco-Block -- Lake & Pond Muck Block | 2LBS | 5LBS

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Time Release Formula for Continuous Muck Control
Last 40 - 60 Days
Multiple Native Bacillus Species
Rapidly Digest Odor Causing Organic Wastes / Organic muck


Suspend block using supplied netting within water column to enhance water quality and decrease suspended solids


Remove netting and place in mucky / organic sediment laden areas to directly reduce local organic soft sediment.

  • Eco-Block Lasts 40-60 days (Block may not fully dissolve)
  • 5# Block treats up to 2.5 acre-feet of water, 2# Block treats up to 1 acre foot of water
  • Best results achieved when water temperatures exceed 40 degrees F.
  • Active mixing/pond aeration will enhance results
  • Faster results can be achieved by increasing dosage.
  • More bacteria = Less Organic Muck

The Eco-Block

Attack accumulated organic soft sediment (muck) with our concentrated Lake and Pond bacteria, enzymes and organic catalysts.  Superior Pond’s muck block uses native, all natural strains of bacteria to reduce organic waste and solids, to improve and enhance your pond’s ecosystem.

  • Reduce algae.
  • Control Noxious Odors 
  • Reduce Nuisance Insects Like: Mosquitoes and Black Flies
  • Eliminate Swimmers Itch & Leaches (By Removing Their Mucky/Organic Habitat
  • Improve Fish Habitat and Increase Spawning Potential



Reclaim your beach and improve the aquatic habitat with Superior Pond’s Eco-Block.


Superior Pond developed the Eco-Bloc to contain NATIVE aerobic AND anaerobic bacteria stains to reduce organic muck in the toughest lake/pond conditions.  The unique blend of beneficial cultures have been selected for maximum enzyme production for the timely, efficient digestion of organic material.

Use the supplied netting to suspend the Eco-Bloc in streams or within a pond’s water column to improve water quality and decrease suspended solids (turbid water) or place the block directly into sediment filled areas to degrade the black organic muck in the vicinity of the block.


Replace the block every 40-60 days.

For best results, active mixing/aeration is highly recommended


  • Muck Reduction in Landscape Ponds, Retention Ponds, Canals, and Lake Shores
  • Reduce Suspended Solids in Ponds and Streams
  • Animal Waste Pits, Lagoons and Storage Tanks
  • Septic and Holding Tanks, Leach Beds
  • Lift Stations, Digestors, Settling Tanks



  • Multiple Bacillus Species
  • Naturally Occurring, Non-engineered
  • Aerobes and Facultative Anaerobes
  • Highly Motile – Bacteria Will Move/Colonizes Away From the Site of the Block
  • 100% stabilized bacterial spores
  • Nonpathogenic, Contaminant-Free
  • Available in 2lbs and 5lbs Cylindrical Blocks





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