BearOn Aquatics Powerhouse Surface Aerator | 115V | Floating Surface Agitation | Pond Aerator



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Efficiency and superb pond aeration.  Powerhouse Surface Aerators are designed for maximum oxygen transfer and mixing in shallower systems (6ft of depth or less).  The Powerhouse surface aerators churn oxygen into you pond improving your water quality – supercharging your aquatic ecosystem.

Easy to install – these large pond aerators will be up and running within minutes of opening the box.

3 – year warranty

Sized for your pond, there are several options to fit your unique waterbody.

Use this chart to help you select the size most appropriate to your project.

Model #HPAMPsGPMPond size (Acre)
F250 1/42.53000.1 – 1/4
F500 1/25.08841/4 – 1/2
F750 3/47.010501/2 – 1ac
F1000DP18.211501 – 1-1/2ac

Surface aeration for any application! The Powerhouse lineup of surface aerators pack plenty of punch for your electric dollar.

Surface aeration / agitation has been the industry standard for the fisheries and  wastewater project for decades.  The aggressive churning of 100s of gallons per minute off-gases toxic compounds all while turning in copious amounts of oxygen.  This allows for decrease BOD (biological oxygen demand)and an increase in your pond’s caring capacity of fish.  High levels of dissolved oxygen leads directly to a more diverse and efficient underwater ecosystem. This enhanced ecosystem moves nutrients though the food chain concentrating in your game fish = bigger fish, faster.

Older, shallow ponds with heavy organic sediment (muck) issues will benefit greatly with the use of the Powerhouse surface aerators.


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