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Midwest pond
Midwest pond
Midwest pond
Midwest pond
Midwest Pond

Bearon Aquatics: 115 Volt |Factory Refurbished Motor, Re-Used Cowling | Ice Eater P1000.100 Dock Deicer | 1HP | 100 Foot Cord | Dock Bubbler De-icer | #0236

$1,230.00 $1,450.00
Prevents ice from damaging boats, docks, marinas and piers
Helps melt ice and stops ice from forming
Low energy costs
Item is sold "as-is" and all sales are final

Condition notes: Factory Refurbished Motor -- Re-used poly cowling. great condition.


Whether you need to prevent ice from forming around your boat, dock, marina or pier, or you need to melt existing ice, Bearon Aquatics' Ice Eater de-icer is here to solve your problems.

The design of the Ice Eater's Venturi shroud (housing) with outward flared ends and custom designed propellers provide more upward thrust and draws warmer water from greater depths than other conventional de-icers. This breaks the surface of the ice with a continuous current of warmer subsurface water.

While other de-icers may require additional hardware for mounting or obtaining the right de-icing pattern, the Ice Eater is shipped complete, ready to use with mooring lines included. Just take it out of the box, hang it from your boat or pier, plug it in and watch it work!

Ice Eater Size Chart

Diameter of Opening
20-25 feet
40 feet
60 feet
80 feet


Gain more precision of your de-icing project with mounting hardware and temperature switches. Click the links below for more information:

Bearon Aquatics Temp Switch:

Save on electrical costs and maintain your desired ice-free area with Ice Eater's Thermostat switch. Set the temperature to the desired range to limit the size of the hole created and to save energy.

Bearon Dock mount:

For angled use or summertime operation, use the dock mount to change your unit's orientation.

Shallow Water Stand:

Bearon's Shallow Water Stand is perfect for mounting your Ice Eater in areas without attachment points. It also works well for maintaining openings for wildlife and livestock - Works great to attract waterfowl too!

Replacement Propellers

Ice Eater propellers are easy to replace and affordable. Keep your Ice Eater running at maximum efficiency.


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