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Diffused Air De-Icing Systems
Diffused Air De-Icing Systems
Diffused Air De-Icing Systems
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Easy pro: Pump Pro-Tector | Pump Sock | 8 - inch & 12 - inch Submersible Pump Filter | PP8, PP12

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Easy Pro Pump Sock for your Submersible Pond Pump
Protect your in-pond Pump From Clogging
Affordable Filtration for your Pond
Simple to Install

Protect your submersible pump from clogging with the Pump Sock from Easy Pro.  

Fits all brands of small pumps

Poly filter media pad inside a mesh bag

Drawstring closure for ease of use

  • PP8 -- 8" diameter with 1" thick filter media. Designed for pumps 6" in diameter. 
  • PP12 -- 12" diameter with 2" thick media. Designed for pumps 8" in diameter.

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