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Easy Pro: Bottom Drain | 3-inch kit | 3-inch diffuser | 4-inch diffuser - Midwest Ponds

Easy Pro: USED GOOD CONDITION| Bottom Drain | 4-inch with diffuser | #0173

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Bottom Drain for Koi Ponds w/ Air system diffuser
USED - Like New, all part included
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Many pond builders have found that adding a bottom drain helps keep a pond cleaner. Fish waste and other muck that accumulates on a pond bottom can be easily removed by a bottom drain. Ponds that are over 2′ deep can become stagnant without a bottom drain.




    • Heavy duty, roto-molded design offers superior strength
    • Welded FPT threaded inlet eliminates the need for rubber coupling
    • Threaded center stand pipe securely attaches dome lid to base
    • Sixteen stainless screws securely attach liner ring to base with water tight seal
    • For use with 4″ schedule 40 PVC fittings and pipe, use 4″ male adapter (MA40) to connect to 4″ pipe, use reducing male adapter (RMA4030) to connect to 3″ pipe
    • EBD4A incorporates an air diffuser into the dome lid – incoming air is delivered up through the center stand pipe allowing air tubing to be installed under liner
    • EBD4A tubing adapter is 1/2″, recommended air flow through diffuser is .5 – 1.5 cfm



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