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Midwest Pond Product
Midwest Pond Product
Midwest Pond Product
Midwest Pond Product

Kasco Marine | New - Scratch & Dent | 1 Horsepower De-icer | 50ft Power Cord | 120 Volt | #0237

$996.93 $1,107.70
Ready to Ship Same-Day!
Prevents Ice Damage to Docks and Piers
Time-Tested Design for all De-icing and Circulation Needs
Item is sold "as-is" and all sales are final

***Condition Notes - Unit has a few small dents on the bottom edge that do not affect performance (see photo)***


PLEASE CALL US WITH ANY QUESTIONS! Our team will help you select the best dock bubbler deicer for your needs/budget.  833-779-2837

The Kasco Marine Dock Deicer or Circulator is essential for the prevention of ice damage to docks and piers. Protect your marina, private dock, lakeshore, or keep a hole open to prevent winter fish kill - these units are optimally designed to negate the effects of thick ice. The Kasco deicer also works as a marine deicer, utilizing a sacrificial anode to reduce corrosion and protect the stainless steel parts from salt water. 

The attached chart describes mounting options and the size of the area this unit will keep open under different conditions.

  • Prevents ice formation around your waterfront area including around docks, piers, rafts & boat lifts. Prevents ice jacking!
  • High efficiency motor with low electrical consumption keeps ice at bay and power bills low.
  • Safe to operate and easy to install! UL listed and CSA certified provides peace of mind.
  • Two (2) year manufacturer's warranty plus the reliability of the Kasco Marine brand name.
  • Not only provides excellent ice protection in winter, but also aerates and circulates water in the summer. Year-round functionality!
  • 230V units available for all HP and cord lengths: Click HERE for 230V units.



These units work exceptionally well during the summer months as water circulators or water agitators. Clear floating debris and organic soft sediment with ease using the Kasco Deicer during the warm months the year (for other circulator / water agitator options please visit HERE. The added current brings oxygen to stagnant areas allowing for aerobic organisms to further degrade nuisance organic muck in slack water areas in lagoons and boat channels. These units will physically move muck/silt away from beach areas and docks, reclaiming your shoreline.

Further improve your habitat and water quality with muck-eating bacteria blocks from Kasco: MZMB5 Muck Block


Includes 2x 20ft mounting ropes, the motor unit and power cord. Universal dock mount, C-10 temperature controller or C-20 timer and temperature controller are sold separately. Please see links to these accessories below:

Deicer Sizing Chart

Deicer Accessories:

C-10 Temperature Controller


C-20 Time/Temperature Controller


Universal Dock Mounts


Replacement Propellers


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