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Keeton Solaer 7

Keeton Solaer 7" Duraplate Diffuser | Replacement Diffuser for Subsurface Aeration Systems

$207.59 $249.99
Lifetime Warranty!
High CFM rate ensures proper dissolved oxygen levels.
Compatible with many other brands of aerators.
Laminar water circulation to prevent stratification in your pond.

This listing is for a Keeton Solaer 7" Duraplate replacement diffuser for all Keeton Solaer diffused aeration systems.  Able to be used on any compatible sub-surface aeration system, these diffusers are built for many years of reliable non-clogging service!  Features a lifetime warranty, high oxygen transfer flow rate and a design that eliminates fish hook snags making it ideal for use in a fishing pond or lake.

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